Roof Repair South Florida

Roof Repair

A leaky roof is more than just an inconvenience. It might be a sign of a serious problem, and you need to act quickly to prevent a small leak from becoming a significant amount of water damage. Roof repairs in South Florida could prevent your leaking roof from damaging your home. If you suspect you have a problem with your roof, you should call Big Al’s Roofing to learn more about the repair process. 

Signs You Need Roof Repairs in South Florida

If you realize you need a roof repair before water damage occurs, you can save yourself a major headache. Look out for any of these signs that could indicate that you need a roof repair. 

There’s Visible Wear and Tear

If you’re missing shingles or notice some cracks or damage in any shingles, your roof may be coming to the end of its lifespan. Unless you fix the roof, you should expect some leaks to start developing.

There are other signs of wear and tear, such as vents or chimneys that show signs of deterioration. You might also see blistering or peeling paint on the exterior of your home. This could occur because moisture is building up in your attic — a sign that you could have water damage to your roof. 

If you notice any deterioration of your roof, you should contact a professional and have them inspect the roof

Shingles Appear Wet or Dirty

Your shingles should be effective at wicking away moisture. However, age could cause your shingles to trap moisture and remain wet. This means that your roof might be experiencing water damage.

Shingle Granules are in Your Granules

Over time, you might notice some shingle granules appearing in your gutters. This only happens when your shingles are starting to wear out. Keep your eyes open for a black sand-like material, and call a roofer if you regularly find it in your gutters.

Stains on Your Ceilings or Walls

A leak in your roof doesn’t always send a rush of water into your homes. Typically, leaks start slowly and only show small signs of damage. For instance, a slow leak would leave small stains on your ceilings or walls. Although there are many potential causes of water damage, roof damage is always a likely possibility. 

Higher Energy Bills

If you’re questioning a sudden rise in your energy bills, don’t be so quick to blame your kids or spouse. The increased expense could be caused by a damaged roof, which would result in air entering or escaping your home. 

Do You Need a Repair or a Replacement?

Before you decide to get your roof repaired, you should determine if a roof replacement might be the better option. Although a replacement costs you more up front, it could save you money in the long-run.

Once your roof starts reaching the end of its life span, it will falter. You might experience frequent problems, which is the first sign that you need a roof replacement in South Florida. If you continue to repair the problems, you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars in repairs only to experience the same issues over and over again. By replacing your roof, you eliminate the need for constant repairs. 

Consider the material of your roof and its age. While composite asphalt shingles last for an average of 15 to 40 years, metal roofs last between 30 and 50 years. A well-maintained clay roof could last longer than 100 years. If your roof is nearing the end of its life span, you may want to opt for a roof replacement over a roof repair. It’s also important to realize that a poorly installed roof won’t last as long as a properly-installed one. Although your roof may only be 10 years old, it could be time for a roof replacement.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Roofing Contractor

A leaking roof is a cause for serious concern. If you suspect your roof is in disrepair, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. You may be able to catch the problem before water damages your home.

Big Al’s Roofing in South Florida has spent years working with South Florida property owners. We understand the need for prompt and thorough repairs. If you’re interested in getting a roof repair or replacement, give us a call. We’ll come out to you and will give you an estimate.