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If you’re a business in the Miami area and could use a roofing installation or roof repair, we’ve got you covered. Our Palmetto Bay roofing contractors have been in the commercial roofing business for decades.

If you have new construction or are interested in starting a new project using the best materials from respected manufacturers, work with a South Florida roofing contractor in your Palmetto community today.

Our team of trained technicians focuses on roofing projects and roofing services: delivering the best professional roofing contractors and providing excellent customer satisfaction. We combine the highest quality materials and the most innovative techniques to provide lasting, quality results for your new roof. 

Our no-frills roof inspection and estimation process lead straight into efficient, transparent roofing jobs designed to deliver the best return on investment. We don’t upsell unneeded commercial roofing services, and we offer a variety of warranty packages. 

Your insurance provider and coverage options may affect your options, but we’re standing by to assist with all your roofing needs. Speak with a South Florida roofing specialist right away about your repair, construction, and removal needs.

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Roof Repair

A leaky roof is a ticking time bomb. Water damage and more will eventually persist. Whatever the problem, it’s best to take care of it before it balloons into something larger. Our roof repair services will help you prevent the looming water damage and return you to the sense of security that comes with having a solid roof on your home.

Signs You Need Roof Repairs in Miami

If you haven’t yet experienced water damage but you’ve noticed that you need roof repair services, it’s time to take action. These are the situations that you want to watch out for:

There’s Visible Wear and Tear

Missing shingles and damage that can be seen with the naked eye are indicators that a roof replacement is needed. Without taking action, water damage will follow. Additionally, look for damages in vents and chimneys, as well as blistering or peeling paint on your home’s exterior. All indicate water damage on your roof.

Shingles Appear Wet or Dirty

Wet shingles are shingles that need to be replaced. If your shingles retain moisture rather than wick it away, your roof is compromised.

Asphalt Shingle Granules are in Your Granules

Shingles send clear signals about their health. If your gutters have black, sandy sediment, your shingles are likely shedding and need to be replaced.

Stains on Your Ceilings or Walls

Leaks tend to start small and worsen over time. The first signs of damage to look for are small stains on walls and ceilings. While the roof isn’t always the culprit, these instances always merit a roof inspection.

Higher Energy Bills

Damaged roofs create energy efficiency problems. Air entering or escaping the home can increase your energy bills. Keep a watchful eye over these expenses. They could help you diagnose the need for a roof repair job.

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How To Tell if You Need a New Roof?

The health of your tile roof or metal roof is important. It’s best to check the health of your roof every six months to one year. This helps prevent little issues while preventing other troubles from starting. This is how you can avoid needing a full roof replacement, which nobody ever wants to do.

However, if a full roof replacement is unavoidable, these are some key factors you’ll want to remain aware of:

You Are Dealing with Leaks

Start with the attic if you suspect a leak. A good trick is to search immediately after heavy rainfall. Wet spots are usually easy to notice, and the water paths are typically easy to trace. Contacting a professional to get an expert opinion on the extent of the damage is the next step.

There Are Cracks in Your Roof

Strong winds can damage shingles. When it’s only a few pieces, they can be replaced locally. However, more extensive damage might mean there is no option but to replace the roof.

You Have Roof Rot

Prolonged exposure to moisture will rot your roof. If untreated, this can lead to serious structural damage. Wood that isn’t dry can become host sites for fungi.

You Have an Old Roof

While you might not know the age of your roof, generally, any roof older than 20 years old needs to be replaced. The exceptions are roofs made of metal, tile, or slate, which tend to last longer. It’s suggested that wood shingles or shakes be replaced with asphalt shingles.

Roof Inspection

Having your roof inspected every six months to a year is the way to stay ahead of serious roofing issues. When it comes to commercial roofing in Palmetto Bay, Florida, we like to stay ahead of the problems before they start.

Common Roofing Problems

Here is a list of the most common issues:

  • Faulty installation of A/C or swamp cooler 
  • Loose, missing, or damaged materials
  • Loose, missing, or oxidized flashing
  • Rusty metal
  • Sagging between rafters or close to ridges
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Split, blistered, or curled shingles or tiles
  • Water pooling, clogged drains, or flashing separations

When Is It Appropriate to Schedule Roof Inspections?

Roofing inspections are best scheduled in the Spring, ahead of the hurricane and rainy seasons. Inspections following severe weather seem the most obvious answer, but roof inspections are best not left to reactionary inclinations. Schedule an inspection in South Florida today, and let your insurance company cover the costs.

Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspectors search for wear and tear, leaks, signs of wind damage, the spread of organic matter, and problems that may stem from previous repairs or installs. Roof inspections are generally separated into four arenas: construction, craftsmanship, interiors, and materials.

The construction phase sees inspectors scrutinize the roof for everything from the integrity of the gutters and fascia to checking for uneven planes and reviewing the masonry work of the chimney to the grout, venting, and more. Contact our South Florida Roofing Contractors today if you need a new roof.

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Palmetto Roofing Contractors

The craftsmanship element carefully ensures that materials and techniques were properly handled for your roofing. Simply having the best materials isn’t enough. Especially when dealing with South Florida weather systems.

Interior inspection ensures that mildew, rot, moisture issues, water stains, and other indicators of water damage are accounted for and factored into the job. 

Inspection of materials includes searching for curling shingles, rust, moss, the integrity of fasteners and flashings, stains, gutter downspouts, rubber boots and seals, and more. Our contractors at Big Al’s roofing will work to ensure that all materials are in optimal condition, so you can enjoy the security that comes from knowing your roof is in the best condition.

Analysis of the Roof

Post-inspection, a full report disclosing the health of your roof will be shared with you. Plain and simple, we’ll tell you what’s working well, what’s stable and holding, and what needs to be replaced. We suggest having work completed before the rainy season begins. Speak with one of our roofing professionals today about your needs.