Roof Inspection South Florida

Roof Inspection

It’s relatively common for homeowners to place too much confidence in their roof’s integrity and disregard it until the first sign of a leak appears in the ceiling. Unfortunately, by the time they notice a leak, they may already be dealing with far more serious problems, such as undesired structural issues, mold development, or damaged insulation. You can prevent future headaches by getting your roof examined on a regular basis.

Common Roofing Problems

During the inspection, feel free to request to see any problem areas or possibly vulnerable areas. Several of the most often observed issues include the following:

  • A roofing material that is loose, missing, or damaged
  • Split shingles or tiles that are blistered and curled
  • Rain gutters with shingle granules
  • A/C or swamp cooler installation that isn’t done correctly
  • Sagging between rafters or in close proximity to ridges
  • Rusty metal at the intersection of the house and the roof
  • Loose, missing, or oxidized flashing
  • Water pooling occurs as a result of depressions near vent pipes, clogged drains, or flashing separations

Some roofs may be beyond repair. Or, more accurately, the price of repair isn’t justified because of the age and condition of the roof. We won’t tell you that you need a new roof at Big Al’s unless it’s in your best interests. So, call today to get an expert inspection. 

When Is It Appropriate to Schedule Roof Inspections?

Most homeowners understand the need to do a thorough roof inspection following a hailstorm or other severe weather event to see if their roof has been damaged. This, however, should not be the only time you inspect your roof.

The spring is perhaps the most important time of year to get your roof inspected as the hurricane and summer rainy seasons approach. It’s all about the timing. It becomes much more difficult for roofing companies to work in the rain. If a hurricane does hit this area, roofing companies don’t have much extra availability as they try to replace and repair roofs.

Roof Inspection Services

A roof inspector will look for unusual wear and tear, leaks, windblown debris damage, concerns about organic development, and issues that may have developed during shingle installation or subsequent repairs. A roof inspection is ultimately divided into four areas: construction, materials, interiors, and craftsmanship.

  • Inspection of the Gutter, Fascia, and Soffit System: The inspector will examine the roof for uneven planes and signs of sagging, as well as the soffit, fascia, and gutter system’s condition. Check masonry chimneys for cracks, dissolving grout, and damage to the chimney crowns. The inspector may also examine the attic venting; improper venting can result in heat and moisture collection, reducing the life of your roof and increasing the likelihood of ice dams forming at the edge.
  • Materials: The inspector will check for curling shingles, stains, moss, rust, and missing flashing or fasteners during the material inspection. The presence of shingle aggregate in roof valleys or on the ground at the base of gutter downspouts shows that the roof is nearing the end of its useful life. Additionally, the inspector will examine the rubber boots and seals surrounding vent pipes for holes or degradation.
  • Interior Roofing: Because roof leaks eventually cause damage to your attic and ceiling,, the inspector will look for mildew, rot, water stains, and other indicators that water is getting into your home in the interior ceilings, attic, and internal walls.
  • Workmanship Inspection: A comprehensive inspection will be performed on your roof to look for any defects in workmanship that might lead to future leaks or roof damage. Inadequate flashing around roof penetrations, such as vent pipes, skylights, and chimneys, would be a major red flag.

Analysis of the Roof

Following the inspection, you’ll receive a full report detailing the state of your roof, and if necessary, the repairs required to maintain it in excellent working order. If repairs are needed, get them done as soon as possible. Ideally, before the rain starts to fall. You’ll know your roof is in good shape even if we are subjected to the usual tropical rainstorms.

Schedule Your Next Roofing Inspection Today

You can relax knowing that your roofing system is in the hands of a trained professional when you choose Big Al’s roofing contractors in South Florida. Our goal is to deliver a solution that is dependable, safe, and durable. You can rely on us to maintain your roofing system operating at peak performance at all times. Schedule a roof inspection to help extend the life of your roof.