Roof Tile Repair in Weston, FL

Roof Tiles

Damaged roofs pose various risks to your house, other than looking hideous. This is why experts suggest maintaining the roof condition to avoid spending an arm and leg for its repair. However, at times things tend to slip through the cracks, which will beg the need for consulting a Weston roofing professional for reparation of the roof. Here is all you need to know about roof tile repairs. 

Can You Repair Roof Tiles? 

Absolutely. Anything broken can be mended if the right person is fixing it, including roof tiles. Tiles are prone to cracking and breakage, especially concrete tile, fiber cement, and various other types of masonry roofing, and more. The ideal course of action would be spending money on its maintenance, but even if you take all the precautions, it could still break due to numerous reasons, including unfavorable weather conditions. 

Thankfully, fixing the cracks and holes, roof leaks, and other roof tiling repairs is quite possible and simple if you get the right people to work on it. Experts suggest getting yourself a roofing professional for this task, rather than putting your own hands on it because even a minor misstep could prove to be hazardous. 

If you’re looking for a roof tile repair in Weston, FL, your best bet is Big Al’s Roofing, one of the finest roofing professionals in Florida. Here is how we go about repairing roof tiles. 

Identifying The Problem Region: 

The first step in tile roof repair is to find where the breakage, crack, or leak is, a.k.a problem region. This can seem like finding a needle in the haystack for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the roof tiles. 

Cleaning The Crack: 

Once the crack has been located, the next step is to clean the area to ensure that all the debris is removed to properly bond with the repair material. For this, toothbrushes can be used due to their fine teeth and easy handling over them. Although, there are also professional kits available in the market for such tasks. 

Applying Silicone Caulk:

If it’s a crack you’re mending, you’d be expected to apply silicone caulk on the problem region and fill in the cavity. Once done, wipe off the debris of the material. However, the ideal material to use may vary depending upon the scale of damage and tile type. To know which one suits the tiles of your house the best, it is recommended to speak to a roofing professional. Big Al’s Roofing provides consultation services and services pertaining to roof tile repair in Weston, FL. 

Repair The Cementing: 

The final step is to repair the cement of the roof tiles. 

Why Hire A Professional For Roof Tile Repairs?

The prime reason why you should be consulting a professional to repair tiles is that the process of mending the tiles is a tricky one. The “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work in tile roof repair due to varying kinds of roof tiles and the material used to fix them. Moreover, identifying the problem region is easier said than done. To ensure that all these requirements are fulfilled without a hitch, it is best to hire a professional for roof tiling repairs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tile Roof?

The cost of roof tile repairs depends upon several factors. The prime determinant is what kind of breakage we’re dealing with. If it’s a small crack in just one part of the roof, the total expenditure would be relatively less than what you’d incur if the damage has been done to the whole roof due to unfavorable weather conditions and such. You’d need to consult a professional to know the full scale of damage. If it’s just a leak, it would cost you relatively less. 

Other factors may include:

  • The cost of cleanup post-damage. If the process appears to be lengthy, the cost of labor would proportionately be high as well. 
  • Whether the tiles need to be replaced, if the damage makes it mandatory for the old tiles to be removed and replaced with new ones, then the cost for tile roof repair would go even higher. 
  • The materials used up in fixing the roof. 

Based on the factors mentioned above and more, the cost of roof tile repair in Weston, FL, may differ. However, the national average of how much people spend on roof tiling repairs is between $900 and $2,300. The sum will also depend upon the scale of the repair. Although, this is just an estimate. If you want to know how much it would cost to repair your roof tiles, you should have a roofing professional look at the situation and write up a number for you. If you want roof tile repair in Weston, FL, contact Big Al’s Roofing and get a quote.