Metal Roofing in Weston, FL

Metal Roof

As you drive around trying to see what new roofs your neighbors have on their houses, you may have a hard time finding many metal roofs. But that is not because they are not there, because they are. The fact is that the way metal roofs have grown in consumer preferences has left many other roofing types behind. Nowadays, metal roofs come in so many styles and colors that you may see a metal roof and think it is slate, or maybe asphalt, or a wood shake. And homeowners seem to prefer a metal roof because it is light and can be installed on all types of structures, and it also has such a long lifespan that your home may still have the same roof 50 or even 80 years from now.

If you live in Weston and are interested in finding out more about the advantages and possibilities that a metal roof has to offer, the Weston roofing experts at Big Al’s Roofing are standing by to get all your metal roofing questions answered. Call us today and let us stop by your property to talk about the best metal roof for your home in Weston. You’ll be surprised by the difference a metal roof can make!

Metal Roofing Explained

Metal roofing can be made up of a wide selection of metals that range from aluminum and copper to steel, zinc, and tin. They are all very long-lasting and can be found in the shape of shingles, tiles, or corrugated panels, among others. They also require little maintenance, are sturdy, and are very light. Here is how they stack up:

Aluminum Roofs

Aluminum roofing is among the most long-lasting metal roofing choices. Its reflective surfaces work to reflect radiant heat and keep a cool temperature within the house, reducing your reliance on air conditioners and lowering your energy bills.

If you are interested in an aluminum roof, you should know that you can find it in the shapes of shingles, tiles, or metal panels. They are fire-resistant and do very well in extreme weather such as hurricanes or other severe weather situations.

Copper Roofs

Copper roofing has the unique characteristic of changing colors with age. It is a slow change that can result in your roof turning a classic copper shade of green in about 20 years. Yet, if you are interested in preserving its natural shiny color, at Big Al’s Roofing, we will apply a clear polyurethane coat or clear lacquer to the entire surface as soon as the installation is complete, and either option will work to keep your new copper roof as crisp as the day it was installed.

Copper roofs have been known to last upwards of 60 years, and they are so fire-resistant that they have become a favorite among homeowners in warmer regions. This roof type will reduce the chances of the house suffering a fire should it be hit by lightning. Installing a copper roof means you will be covering your home with one of the highest-quality metal roofing options around.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

In many respects, stone-coated steel roofs or metal slate roofs differ from natural slate roofs. While slate roofs are very heavy and require special structural reinforcement to your home to be able to carry the weight, any metal roof will be quite a bit lighter. Stone-coated metal roofs offer ample aesthetic diversity, imitating the look of traditional slate or clay shingles for a fraction of the cost. Still, they will give you a very long lifespan, and their beautiful look is easy to maintain.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam roofs are extremely long-lasting and will cover your home up to 3 times longer than any non-metal roofing option. They are easily available and can be seen on many homes due to their ease of installation and incomparable look. You can select a standing seam metal roof in many different metal varieties, such as:

They are a favorite with homeowners due to their resistance to severe weather events and are also fire-resistant.

Steel Roofs

Steel roofing is very resistant to shrinking, cracking, or erosion, all of which increase its lifespan. They are also energy-efficient and protect your home from the elements and from fire.

Tin Roofs

Although these roofs are known as tin roofs, they are made from rolled steel with tin coating. Using a plating process, the tin is chemically bonded to the steel. The combination of metals makes these roofs resistant to cracking and very durable. Many tin roofs include up to 40% recycled materials.

Metal Roofing Maintenance

Although all types of metal roofs are known for their long lives, you can extend them even more with some preventive maintenance. Many of these products have a coating of either zinc or aluminum to easily resist the elements. Also, to keep a metal roof clean, use a mixture of soap and water or pressure wash it whenever the need arises. At Big Al’s Roofing, we will take the time to explain how to help your metal roof last as long as possible looking like new.

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