Roof Tile Repair in Plantation, FL 

roof tile

Have you noticed cracked or missing tiles on your roof? Do you have a leak in your home? Can you see black streaks on the gutters or fascia boards underneath the gutters? What about water stains on your ceiling or a musty smell in your house? You likely need roof tile repair if you have answered yes to any of these questions. Big Al’s Roofing has your back and has been helping homeowners in South Florida for years. Plantation, FL gets about 64.8 inches of rain a year, so we provide repairs to protect your home from further water damage. Call 305-771-0772 for your consultation.

How much will my roof repair cost?

We encourage you to call 305-771-0772 to set up a consultation because the cost of a roof repair is going to depend on a few different factors, including the size and age of your roof, the condition it’s in, how much damage it has sustained, if there are any other structural issues in the home and whether or not you need a roof replacement rather than simply a repair.

Roof tile repair is different from the roof or placement since a repair means that we are only going to fix that one area that is damaged. A roof replacement means that the entire roof needs to be replaced. A roof repair could take one or two days, whereas a replacement could take a week and thus cost more.

How do you repair a broken roof tile?

We start by carefully removing the broken tile with some prying and gentle wiggling, so it loosens up just enough to slide out. We use other tools to pry gently under surrounding tiles to access any damaged parts underneath and assess whether or not any damage has spread.

Once the tiles are removed, a polyester-based caulk or sealant is applied to the top edge of the tile channel to hold the new tiles in place. The new tile is slid gently upwards and into the space, and the process is repeated for any other tiles that were removed. Then our job is complete! It’s a fast process, so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Preparing For A Roof Tile Repair

We are your neighbors and a family-owned business, and we know how stressful it is when you have to have contractors do work on your house, which is why we make it simple and easy for you. We’d like to share some tips to prepare for your roof repair to make the process as smooth as possible.

Clear The Outside

First, find a new location for your vehicle while we work. Not only do we need space close enough to your home for us to unload and load our tools, but we want to avoid any damage to your car. Shingles and falling debris are very common when doing roofing work, and these can scratch your vehicle, so it’s a good idea to find a temporary spot for it.

You should also clear your yard and patio of furniture, toys, lawn ornaments, potted plants, or grills so that they don’t get scratched or damaged, either. Don’t have a garage or place to put them? Then find a corner in your yard far away from where the roofers will be working to store them. You can always ask us before we start if you’ve cleared them well out of our way.

Lastly, remove any satellite dishes, trim tree branches near your roof, and cut your grass before we arrive. We clean up after ourselves so that you are not left with a mess, but it’s easier for us to pick up after ourselves when you have short grass.

Prepare Inside

You should also prepare the inside of your house. If you have an attic, then we recommend covering your furniture and belongings to protect them from dust or dirt that could fall from the hammering and work being done on your roof. Take out any fragile items that could break and bring them downstairs. You should also consider removing wall art since the hammering could create vibrations throughout your home that could make them jiggle and fall, especially under the part of the roof being worked on. 

Talk to your kids about the importance of staying away from outside where the workers are, and let them know that the house will be a lot more noisy than usual. If they cannot understand this, you may want to consider staying with a friend or family member during the roof replacement.

Ask For Proof of Licensure

Contractors performing any roofing work of any sort must have a license in compliance with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Always ask to see this proof before agreeing to have work done on your house. This ensures that the contractor from a company that goes into people’s homes is safe and can be trusted. Homeowners would be wise to ask for proof of licensure. South Florida homeowners have trusted Big Al’s Roofing for years, so call 305-771-0772 now for your roof repair.