Roof Replacement Davie, FL

From small warehouses to large estate homes, our roofing company can handle any roofing project you may have in mind. At Big Al’s Roofing, our primary goal is to be the first and the last roofing company you contact when your commercial building or residential home needs any roofing services. 

If you need a roof replacement in Davie, FL, you have come to the right place. Davie, FL is one of the best places in Florida you could live in, as you will enjoy a well-planned suburban community with great residential neighborhoods and landscapes. If you own a house or a commercial property and need a Davie roof replacement, call us at 305-306-1908 today to discuss your roofing options! At this stage, contacting the experienced roofing contractors at Big Al’s Roofing is in your best interest. Don’t wait to fix minor damage. Call today.

Reasons You May Need A New Roof

Depending on your roofing system, its roofing materials, and installation, there might be specific reasons why you may need to install a new roof in Davie, Fl. The most common include:

#1. Age of the Roof

While roofs are designed and installed to last for as long as possible, their life expectancy is shortened due to heavy winds, rains, or other bad weather. If your roof is 20 years old, it would be best to contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine the best suitable options for your needs and requirements. 

#2. Missing shingles

If you notice missing shingles, you may want to check if there are also holes in your roof, as they may extend quickly. Get in touch with a Davie roofer to inspect whether the missing shingles can be replaced or if you need to consider replacing your roof entirely. 

#3. Shingle Curling and Flat-out Buckling

As soon as you notice that the roofing shingles are curled and buckling, you may want to consider having your roof replaced. Try to follow the slope of your roofing system to see if any shingles buckle and curl. If they do, they may indicate that they are past their time and your roof is defective. For a new roof installation, contact a licensed, insured roofing contractor at Big Al’s Roofing. Contact us for a quote today!

#4. Failing Roof Valleys

An immediate signal you need a roof replacement in Davie, FL may occur if your roofing shingles are missing or falling away from where roof valleys come together. Roof valleys are a vital key to your roofing system. If the roof valley breaks down, you will soon notice roof leaks and further damage.

When you reach our roofing company for a Davie roof replacement, you can rest assured that we will provide the best roofing services and solutions for all your roofing needs. Get in touch with a licensed Davie roofer from Big Al’s Roofing to have your roofing project done safely, efficiently, and quickly. 

What to Expect with a New Roof, Roof Replacement Davie FL

We understand how significant a new roof installation is. In addition to updating your home and improving its curb appeal, a roof replacement is a significant investment. When you call Big Al’s Roofing for roofing replacement services, we will first send a team of roofing contractors to your home to discuss the best roofing options for your project.

After you decide on the roofing materials that fit your budget and requirements, we will start the permit process. Once you have been approved by the town of Davie, we will have the materials sent to your home a few days before the start of the roofing project. The materials can be placed on your roof or in your driveway. It may take up to two or more days to replace your roof, as it can take as little as one day to tear off the old roof and one day to replace it. Of course, we may have to stop for inclement weather. 

You may want to prepare your yard and curtilage for a roof replacement by clearing the garden, patio furniture, and your vehicles from the garage and driveway. You can also mark your plants, ponds, and sprinklers, unlock your gates, cut the grass, and check the electrical outlet. Additionally, it would be in your best interest to secure your windows and remove wall decor. If you own any pets, you may need to comfort them and ensure they have access to their crate. 

Why Should You Contact Big Al’s Roofing?

It is not an easy task to pick the right professional roofing contractor to handle your roof replacement project, but there are many reasons you should choose Big Al’s. To begin with, we have extensive experience, having completed thousands of roofing projects. Our Davie roofing contractors will help you decide what type of roofing you need, depending on your requirements, style, and budget. In addition, our team will listen to your suggestions to ensure that your roofing project will be done correctly. If you need a roof replacement in Davie, FL, you are just one step away.

At Big Al’s Roofing, we will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the most exceptional roofing experience. Our team will also help you file an insurance claim for your roof damage if needed. We have extensive experience in the roofing industry and want to make the replacement process as simple as possible for you. If you need a roof replacement in Davie, FL, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options.