Metal Roofing in Davie, FL

Metal Roofing

When you are ready to install metal roofing on your home, Big Al’s Roofing, your South Florida roofing contractor is the premier residential roofing contractor in Davie, FL because we provide long-lasting products you can trust, backed up by reliable service and first-rate workmanship.

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Main Advantages of Metal Roofing

When you install metal roofing in Davie FL, you will soon discover the many advantages that these roofs offer. Here are just some of them:


Metal roofs are known for being long-lasting and reliable. They come with a 50-year warranty against any defects and a 30-year warranty on the paint. These warranties would not be offered if we knew that your metal roof would not last this long.

Low Weight

There is no need to call a structural engineer to reinforce the structure of your home when you are installing metal roofing in Davie FL. There are several types of metals you can choose from but no matter which one you end up selecting, you can rest assured that it will be much lighter than tile roofing and even than traditional asphalt roofing.

Energy Efficiency

Since metal roofing reflects the sun’s UV rays by as much as 70%, you can expect to see some serious reductions in your energy bills, resulting in direct savings in your heating and cooling energy costs. Metal roofs deflect the heat energy of the sun, keeping your home much cooler when compared with any other type of roofing.


Steel roofs are made from 25 to 40% of recycled materials. Aluminum roofing is made with over 90% of recycled materials. And when the time comes for you to replace your metal roof (if ever), you can rest assured that you will not be adding to the pile of materials that cannot be recycled. Metal can be recycled 100% which is a great difference from asphalt shingles that can only be dumped in landfills.

Strength and Durability

Your metal roofing in Davie, FL will protect your property and your loved ones from extreme weather events. Metal roofing receives a coating of Kynar 500, the industry’s premium finish. This is a corrosion-resistant material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions for decades, never losing its color. Also, a metal roof will never burn, crack, blister, curl, rot, rust, or allow mildew to grow on it.

Minimal Maintenance

Metal roofs require no maintenance and are meant to last.


Installing a metal roof on your property may result in an increase in your home’s value. When the time comes to put your house on the market, buyers will know that they will be getting a roof they will likely never have to replace.

Insurance Benefits

Ask your homeowner’s insurance agent whether you would get a discount on your policy by installing a metal roof. You may be surprised by an affirmative answer for your smart choice in roofing.

Metal Roofing Options

The image of the old farmhouse with an unsightly tin roof has nothing to do with the reality of today’s metal roofing options. Metal roofing combines a long list of extraordinary benefits as a building material with the eye-catching beauty that today’s homeowners want for their homes. 

Nowadays, metal roofing is not the option that businesses rely on for industrial buildings or agricultural barns because metal roofing can be made from a variety of metals and is available in an extensive selection of textures, finishes, and colors. Their ability to replicate the look of many traditional roofing classics like slate or shingles has made them even more attractive in the eyes of homeowners that want the best for their properties.

Here are the most popular metal roofing materials you should know about before deciding which one would work best for your home:

Copper – Copper is extremely long-lasting and can give you the gift of witnessing its transformation as it patinas with age and transforms into the beautiful green shade it is known for.

Aluminum – This material is not only very light but is also resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

Zinc – Zinc is also resistant to corrosion and extremely long-lasting.

Steel – Steel metal roofing comes in three different varieties: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel.

Tin – As the traditional material for metal roofing, it is no longer commonly installed.

Work With Our Roofers to Select the Metal Roofing for Your Davie FL Home

Each of the metal roofing materials has its own set of advantages. In the end, your choice may be made based on two factors, the look it provides and its cost. Choosing the right metal to use for your metal roofing in Davie FL is something the metal roofing contractors from Big Al’s Roofing can help you do. We have the knowledge and expertise you need when making such an important decision. Because you know that the roof you install today will be with your property and will protect your family for many years to come.

Give our metal roofing contractor in Davie FL a call today. We can stop by your property and help you go through the decision-making process of which metal roofing will better match the architectural style of your home while sticking to your budget. You will be surprised by the variety of options available and by the way your property will look. Contact us.