Roof Replacement in Parkland, FL

Like most homeowners in Florida, you might be under the misimpression that your home insurance will only replace your roof if it has been severely damaged by a covered danger listed in your policy. 

If you mistakenly believe this, you might decide not to file a claim for minor roof repairs because you don’t want to pay a deductible. However, you should know that you could be entitled to a brand new roof under some circumstances, even if the damage is just a broken shingle or tile. 

Based on Florida laws and building codes, you could qualify for a roof replacement in Parkland. 

Homeowner’s Insurance and Florida Laws

When a few shingles are damaged and you file a claim with your insurance, Florida law states that your insurance company must replace the damaged material so that it matches the undamaged area in size, quality, or color. 

Over time, any roof will wear and tear. Florida roofs, especially, encounter destructive wind storms, hurricanes, high heat, and humidity. Constant exposure to UV radiation and the elements also contribute to the roof breaking down. Additionally, roofing manufacturers may discontinue a particular shingle, tile, or other roofing material. 

Therefore, it could be very challenging to repair your roof seamlessly.

Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Having an intact and working roof is essential to the integrity of your home and the well-being of you and your family. For these reasons, it’s essential to keep an eye on it and look for signs of aging and wear-and-tear in order to replace it as soon as necessary. 

  • Inspect your roof from the inside: Sometimes, it can be challenging to see holes and water stains from the outside. An excellent way to tell is by going into the attic and looking for light rays shining through. Ideally, you shouldn’t see any daylight unless there are windows. If you can see the sun, then rain and insects can also make their way in. While you’re in there, look for signs of water damage like stains—who knows how long those tiny cracks have been there.
  • Your roof has a lifespan: One way to determine if it’s time to get a new roof is by calculating how old it is. If it’s only a few years old, it might only need a roof repair. However, if it’s nearing 20, it might be exceeding its lifespan. Your Parkland roofing contractor can look at your roof to determine this since different materials last longer than others.
  • Examine your existing shingles: Shingles should never be damaged, missing, or curling. Any time you experience a hurricane or bad storm, you should look over the shingles for signs of damage. Additionally, the shingles themselves should never be crumbling or falling apart. If they are losing granules, they need to be replaced ASAP.
  • Roofs can get water damaged: When you think of your roof, it’s hard to imagine that it could leak or have water damage. However, roofs can leak or take on water. Look for signs of mildew, stains, or sagging sections.
  • Look for intact flashing: No matter what material your roof is made from, there are always areas where the flow of shingles ends. Examples include chimneys, skylights, windows, and other areas. 
  • Mold: Signs of decay are never a good thing for your home. If you catch mold or mildew early, you may be able to simply scrub it away. Keep an eye on your roof, especially after a rainstorm, to properly maintain it and keep it free from damage. 

Reasons You Might Want a New Roof

Outside of the obvious signs of damage and deterioration we discussed previously, there may be other reasons you are considering a new roof, including:

Increase your home’s resale value: Are you planning on moving and selling your home within the next few years? One of the best ways to boost your home’s resale value is by replacing your roof. A new roof, along with fresh siding and new windows, lets potential buyers know that you have kept up with the maintenance and repairs of your property—and that they aren’t potentially buying a failed home. A new roof could even allow you to receive a higher asking price than an older roof would fetch since you are saving potential buyers from having to worry about the roof for at least two decades!

Remodeling Your Home or Building an Addition: If you plan on remodeling or building a home addition, you will likely need to install a new roof to keep the addition from looking out of place. Many homeowners may decide to replace the roof for the sake of continuity. 

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