Metal Roofs and Energy Efficiency

Metal Roof

Metal roofs have been commonplace among commercial businesses for quite sometime, but now they’re all the rage among homeowners as well. Why is that? For one, they offer incredible durability and longevity against severe weather and everyday wear. They also have a reputation for improving a home’s energy-efficiency, which we’ll explore today!

Is a Metal Roof More Energy Efficient?

As we discussed in last month’s post, there is a difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation. Conserving energy involves habitual change, while “efficiency” refers to change created by improved hardware or appliances. There are a number of factors we mentioned that effect energy-efficiency, such as…

  • Proper Insulation
  • The Age of Your HVAC System
  • Your Light Bulbs
  • The Condition and Reflectivity of Your Roof

Metal roofs are a great example of an energy efficient roof, because it reflects a higher percentage of light away from your home. Without the extra heat generated by this light, your home’s HVAC system (a large source of energy consumption) does not require as much energy to cool your home. What follows is phenomenal energy savings, especially during daylight hours. Some homeowners have saved as much as 40 percent on their monthly HVAC costs. Remember, having your HVAC system regularly serviced is a huge part of achieving better energy efficiency in your home.

Picking Your Other Benefits

Of course, metal roofs have other alluring benefits besides energy efficiency. Steel for instance, offers powerful resistance against hail damage. Other homeowners (especially in Florida) prefer aluminum, as this reflective and corrosion-resistant metal functions well in sunny, humid environments. It’s all a matter of what benefits you prefer for your property.

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By Alvaro Hernandez
September 29, 2018