Have You Checked Your Roof Shingles Lately?

Roof Shingles

A strong roof can go a long time without needing repairs. Your roof shingles could be in great shape. However, if you haven’t had them checked in a long time, how would you know? It is hard to see signs of damage when you view your roof from the ground. In some cases, it’s virtually impossible, and getting up there might be too dangerous. Not all roof damage is obvious; it needs an expert’s eye. Have a professional check your roof shingles regularly as part of your roof maintenance.

Invisible Shingle Problems

Check Your Roof Shingles to Save Your Roof.

It is possible that your roofer may find no problems at all during a roof shingle inspection. However, not all problems are big ones. Small cracks in your shingles can’t be seen from the ground, but if they are there, they are a problem. They let in moisture. Over time, that moisture builds and threatens your roof structure. Your cracked shingle may loosen and come off, and then you will definitely see a problem. All this can be prevented with regular roof inspections.

Loose shingles can’t always be seen, either. If it is loose and has been dislodged, you might see it from the ground. However, a loose shingle might look like it’s still attached. It lets in moisture as it sits there, and all it takes is a strong wind to blow it away, in some cases. What you’re left with is a weakened shingle system and exposed roof. All this means you’ll need roof repairs.

Don’t let roof shingles sit too long without inspecting them for unseen problems. Avoid major roof repairs and call for a shingle inspection. When you need roof shingle services in Miami, FL, call Big Al’s Roofing at 305-506-2353.

By Alvaro Hernandez
October 4, 2018