Roof Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Maintaining a healthy roof is essential if you want to keep your house in good condition and increase its value. Sadly, many homeowners in Fort Lauderdale overlook the vitality of a good roof. If you’ve neglected the maintenance of your house’s roof long enough, it’s high time to make some amends.

You can have your roof replaced with a new one at a fair rate. If you’re looking for a roof replacement service in Fort Lauderdale, then contact Big Al’s Roofing today and get a reasonable quote.

Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

When your home’s roof has endured years of torment due to weather conditions, it will sustain much damage. There must be some clear signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the symptoms of a roof that needs to be replaced immediately –

Leaks In The Roof

If your roof is missing some shingles, or if they have been damaged, your house will experience several leaks here and there. Although leaks can have other reasons too, the most common one remains to be broken or weak roofing materials.

When the roof materials are weak or broken, the water can easily get inside the house through the cracks and flood your home with puddles. In the rainy season, it could wreak havoc in your home. This is why it is important to always look for the cracks and holes that might punish you during the monsoon.

Usually, leaks on a minor scale could be repaired without having to replace the whole roof. However, if the leaks were ignored for a long time, you would have to replace the roof. To see whether it requires replacing or not, contact Big Al’s.

We can come around your house in Fort Lauderdale and inspect the whole roof. If we detect significant damages, we can replace your roof with a new one. You can choose whatever material you want.

Water Damaged Interiors

Many times, you won’t know that your roof is damaged due to leaks through the roof. In many instances, you would notice bizarre water spots and stains inside your house. While there are several causes of water stains in the house’s interior, including pipe burst, damaged and leaky roof is a common cause, especially if the stains are limited to the top of the walls, and up in the attic.

If you want to pinpoint the exact cause of the water damage, you should contact Big Al’s. We will take a look at the stain and trace the source of it. If it is indeed caused due to a damaged roof, we could fix the roof or replace it if need be to ensure that no further water damage occurs in your house.

Contact us today if you notice any unexplained water blots in your Fort Lauderdale home’s bedroom, living room, or even bathrooms. The sooner the cause is detected, the better it would be.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are your only line of defense against the harshness of the weather outside. However, with time, shingles can get damaged or broken. Even a single broken shingle can prove to be detrimental and would demand repair. Here are some common forms of shingle damage –

Cracked or Broken shingle

  • Weak shingle
  • Missing shingle
  • Missing Granules
  • Moss or mildew growth
  • Damage around the skylight and chimneys

In case several shingles are missing from your home’s roof, then you need to have the entire roof replaced to prevent further damage from occurring. If there is any visible damage to the shingle on your roof, contact a roof replacement service immediately.

Based on the extent of damage, and the resources that might be required to replace it, a good roof contractor like Big Al’s Roofing would be able to give you a fair and honest quote upfront.

Damage Due To Storm

It’s no secret that storms can leave extensive damage in their wake. When heavy rain, and hail, strikes the roof for an extended period, it can damage the roof beyond repair. It could crack it or even lift it if the weather was significantly worse, but usually, this happens in regions heavily prone to thunderstorms.

If your roof has sustained extensive storm damage, then, needless to say, you’d have to replace the roof. Contact Big Al’s Roofing for emergency roof replacement services.

Why Choose Big Al’s Roofing

Big Al’s Roofing is one of the best roof replacement contractors in Fort Lauderdale and various other neighborhoods in and around Miami. We have worked on hundreds of projects so far and have received exceptional feedback, all thanks to our qualified professionals.

We pride ourselves on our honesty while providing an estimate and a guarantee to finish the work within the stipulated time. Call us to begin the discussions if you want any roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, ranging from roof replacement to new installation to repair. We will give you a fair quote and stick to the estimate. We will schedule a house visit, as per your schedule, so we can gauge the extent of work that’s required.