D.I.Y. Metal Roof Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Metal Roof

People love the low upkeep requirements of metal roofing. However, many homeowners haven’t been educated on how they should maintain their roof system. Thankfully, it’s remarkably easy! Here are three simple steps you can follow when you’re preparing for your bi-annual metal roof maintenance.

Step #1: A Quick Examination

The best times to inspect your roof are the beginning of spring and the start of fall. When starting, all you’ll need is a pair of binoculars and your own two eyes. Take a short stroll around your house and examine your rooftop. You’ll be searching for debris (twigs, dirt, etc.), smudges, scratches and metal chips in the paint. Once you’ve finished checking your roof, grab a ladder, a trash bag, and a water hose.

Step #2: Initial Cleaning

It’s time to step onto your roof. With your trash bag, collect all the debris you can find. You may want to use this opportunity to clean out your gutters too, as much of the dirt, leaves and twigs tend to settle there. Afterwards, take your water hose and rinse off any remaining dirt from the rooftop. Your final maintenance step will require Formula 409 (or a similar cleaning brand), a soft cloth or sponge, and some manufacturer-approved touch up paint.

Step #3: Final Touch Ups

Use your cleaning solution and cloth to wipe away any thicker smudges on the rooftop. For more stubborn sludge, you may have to use a solution of household bleach, water, and dish soap. If you find any exposed scratches in the paint, you’ll want to cover them with a little touch up paint. Make sure you use a brush! You can do the same for any spots where you removed foreign metal chips.

Congratulations! Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ll be finished with metal roof maintenance for six months. By following these tips, you can easily extend the life of your rooftop. For more information about metal roofing or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at 305-900-8297!

By Alvaro Hernandez
October 2, 2018