Common Flat Roofing Issues And Solutions

Flat Roof

Flat roofing systems provide great protection for homes as well as energy efficiency benefits. However, there are some common problems that may occur. With any roofing system, how it handles certain issues may depend on many factors, from installation to current climate. However, knowing the potential issues can help you plan ahead and know what to do in the event they should occur. If you notice any of these issues, contacting your local roofer quickly ensure your roof stays at its best and that any damage is handled swiftly.

Possible Flat Roofing Problems

Buckling or Bubbling – Your flat roof deals with extreme weather that can lead to a lot of damages. This can lead to buckling of the material and if it was not installed properly, bubbling us to moisture and UV rays. If you find the origin of how moisture is getting underneath your roof, you can seal it up to keep it at bay. Repair can get your roof back to its best.

Leaks – If your flat roof becomes punctured, it can allow water to leak into your home. If you discover a leak, make sure to safeguard your property by moving it away from the water. Try to ascertain the source of the leak along your roof. Home improvement stores may carry roof patches that you can use to temporarily stop the incoming water from storms and rain.

Pooling Water – With many flat roofs, water can collect and stagnate on the system, wearing away at the materials over time and leading you to require extensive repair or even replacement. To prevent this, a quality drainage system can be installed to carry water away from your roof, protecting it and extending its life.

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By Alvaro Hernandez
September 29, 2018