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Roofing Services

If your home’s roof is not in good condition, you could face potential leaks, unexpected repairs. Whether you need minor roof repairs or it is time for a new roof, call Big Al’s Roofing

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Shingle Roofing

The most popular choice for homes throughout the country, roof shingles are an excellent choice for any home. Affordable and durable, there are a variety of types, colors, and styles to choose from.

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Metal Roofing

We provide expert metal roof installation and repair! Whether you are looking to add more curb to your home or you want to incorporate more value, you can’t go wrong with adding a metal roof to your home.

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Roof Repaid


Roof Replacement

If your house needs a roof replacement in Miami, you may be worried about the entire project. The budget, the time it will take, how it will disrupt your family’s life.

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Roof Repaid


Roof Inspection

Following the inspection, you’ll receive a full report detailing the state of your roof, and if necessary, the repairs required to maintain it in excellent working order.

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Tile Roof

There are many advantages to having tile roofing, and many homeowners find that these benefits outweigh the initial cost of materials and installation.

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Years of experience

Roofing contractors in miami

Big Al’s Roofing is a roofing solution company that specializes in friendly and fast service for any roof restoration or repair project in Miami, Florida. A common issue that homeowners face is living with a roof that is aging fast, that is damaged, and that is in need of major repairs. Keeping your home looking in great condition can be a challenge, but with the right roofing company like Big Al’s Roofing, they can make your roof look as good as new.

From roof repairs to entire roof replacements, their family-run roofing company has the skills and expertise in identifying the major problem areas in your roof that need fixing so you can have peace of mind.

Having a secure and reliable roof is essential in guarding against nature’s elements like rain, strong winds, and storm debris. Big Al’s Roofing serves homeowners in Miami and in the surrounding areas of South Florida by providing shingle, metal, and tile roofing solutions. They examine every area on the surface by looking for cracks, signs of deterioration, and damage so they can fully restore your roof and give your home, that refreshed new house look.

Servicing the City of Miami

Residents in Miami can rest assured their roofing issues are temporary because of the fast and professional service Big Al’s Roofing provides to all their customers. South Florida is known for its rainy and sunny seasons, which include relaxing vacation days to the beach, and moments of heavy rain and storms that can turn a day gloomy.


A roof that is old and that hasn’t been inspected in years poses a great risk for roof leaks and interior damage of ceilings, in addition to suffering from discoloration due to the sun, Big Al’s Roofing materials are made to withstand the elements for long durability.

Especially in bad weather, Big Al’s Roofing knows how serious the hurricane season can be in South Florida. Even before the storm, if you are a homeowner in search of a quality roofing solution, Big Al’s Roofing sources the most durable and reliable roofing materials for your home so you can be confident they can withstand nature’s strong winds and heavy rain. For some homes, damage sustained to the roof is an unfortunate occurrence, but that does not mean homeowners are left with no solutions after the storm has passed. You can have your roof inspected and fixed according to the damage on the surface as well as any underlying damage that can affect the roof’s foundation.

Why Hire Big Al’s Roofing as Your Contractor?

Fixing or replacing your roof is a major investment, but it is an investment that will benefit you in the long run. At Big Al’s Roofing, we know that when your roof begins to show signs of leakage, damage, or common wear and tear, a roof repair may be necessary. We assist all of our customers in making the right decision that makes sense for them given the current state of their roof and budget.

One of the reasons to hire us as your local roofing contractor is that we have hands-on experience working on hundreds of homes of different sizes and roof types. In addition to having a portfolio of work from some of our most satisfied customers.

Replacing an entire roof can be expensive, every homeowner is looking for an ideal roofing contractor that will provide them with a high-quality job for the lowest price possible. Some roofing companies provide their clients with low estimates at first to gain their trust, but towards the end of the project, they increase the initial price to drastic proportions due to extra work that needed to be done. At Big Al’s Roofing, we provide reasonable pricing with genuine work.

We know that time is important to our customers and we strive to meet project deadlines on time, especially within the time frame we initially promised. There is no need to pay extra for a job that times more time than it was originally supposed to.

Homeowners want a roofing company with a good reputation and that is what we bring to the table. Our family-operated business strives to leave customers satisfied and happy with their brand new roof. We have numerous positive reviews online and have a growing list of new customers that have seen our work.
Roofing Estimates

Roofing Estimates and Project Outline

When looking at a roof repair or roof replacement estimate, we ensure that every homeowner knows exactly what is included before they sign anything. Most individuals just want to know how much it will cost and stop there, but at Big Al’s Roofing, we go further and outline everything in detail so you know exactly what you will be paying for.

For example, if a leaking roof goes unnoticed for a long period of time, moisture damage is almost certain for the roof foundation and for ceilings, thus it’s urgent to address your roofing issues as soon as you can to prevent any other damage as a result of water permeating through the wood. We have extensive experience working with Miami residents and we understand the urgent need for a thorough roof repair. Drafting a project outline for materials, the labor involved, and a deadline for completion is included in our estimate.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Getting a thorough roof inspection is the first step in determining whether a roof repair is necessary or rather, an entire roof replacement. Roof replacement will initially cost more, but it can be a major money saver in the long term. Our roofing team recommends an entire roof replacement if the structural integrity of the roof is questionable, and suggests roof repairs if there is minor damage and deterioration.

Roofing Repair

A roof will start to show its age once it starts to give homeowners issues, and they will be noticeable, especially in Miami. Roofs can be seen to fade in color and display dark streaks or smudges on the tiles, with some cracks on the corners. If you opt to replace your entire roof you are very likely avoiding the need to constantly hire roofing contractors for routine repairs. Big Al’s Roofing replacements are built to last for a lifetime and will enhance the overall appearance of a home.

Increase Your Property Value

A residential property that has an old or damaged roof is not appealing to look at and potential home buyers will not be inclined to purchase a home if they see the roof in need of major repairs and restoration. Our team at Big Al’s Roofing can exponentially increase the value of a home so you can get more out of it if you decide to sell it. Restoring the roof is just as important as the rest of the renovation, like remodeling the kitchen or the bathroom, the windows, and the backyard.

As a valued customer of Big Al’s Roofing, a newly installed roof will benefit you in two major ways, firstly, the overall appearance of your house will dramatically change making it look like it was newly built, and secondly, even if it’s just traditional tile roofing, a newly installed roof will catch the attention of guests and family members when they visit you. The health of your roof is a major factor in gauging the value of a home. After all, having a solid, beautiful, and durable roof will give a homeowner a regained confidence that the roof on top of their heads won’t fail due to strong winds and heavy rain, or because of poor materials. Here are some drawbacks with a home that has an old or damaged roof:

A roof that requires major restoration or repair will not appeal to buyers looking to move into a home right away and can actually deter potential buyers.

A home with a damaged or old roof will take a while to sell. The home buyers may even request a full roof restoration prior to moving in, given the exception that they like other features of the house or the location and are compelled to buy it despite its current condition.

The thought of replacing or repairing the roof will make appraisers value the home at a low rate than if it had a roof in good condition.

People have a natural inclination to appreciate architecture and building design that is visually attractive. An old, damaged roof can give a negative impression.
Restoring Roof

Should You Investment in Restoring Your Roof?

As a homeowner or seller of a residential property, investing in roof restoration is a step in the right direction that will pay off in the future. Big Al’s Roofing has been operating in Miami for many years and can accurately identify what roofs need replacing and what roofs are in need of repairs. After all, a roof restoration is meant to be a one-time fix rather than having to hire roofing contractors every so often to fix it.

First impressions are crucial, especially during the home buying process, and even for special occasions when you have invited guests that are visiting your home for the first time, they will be impressed.

Client Testimonials

“Very Well. From beginning to end, Big Al's personnel-in particular, Mario, David, and Al- kept us informed and answered all of our questions. They were very clean and organized, never leaving any mess behind. The price was reasonable.”

“Big Al’s Roofing is one of the most reliable and professional companies in South Florida. Their outstanding work goes from the quality of the work performed to the great attention they offer clients. Our company has reached out multiple times to Big Al’s and its amazing to see how they respond right away and visit sites within hours. Thank you for the competitive prices and trusted work you perform for us. Looking forward for more projects to work along with.”

“Amazing company with a great group of employee this company is the fastest roofer I've seen I recently had my roof replace in Miramar Fl by Big ALS Roofing and they did a awesome job.Sales associate Eddie was great he arrive at my house on time gave a professional presentation he made the whole purchasing decision easy, they communicated with me throughout whole process. If you are looking for a no nonsense roofer who will get the job done well, fast and professional I highly recommend Big Al's Roofing.”

“If you are looking for quality work and attention to detail look no further. Al took his time to go over what exactly my new commercial roof needed. Highly recommend if your looking to re do your home or office roof!”

“Great! I called Al and made an appointment and he showed up right on time. He is nice, courteous and professional! He gave me an estimate and went over the entire process of roof replacement and told me I can have the job done within a week. I acquired a few estimates from other companies and narrowed it down between Big Al and another company. It was difficult deciding between these two companies because they each had excellent records. The deciding factors in choosing Big Al's Roofing was that he kept following up with me on a consistent basis, his knowledge of this field, let me know he really wanted the job, gave me a better price to meet competitors pricing for the quality job I wanted and is a GAF. His overall quality rating speaks for itself which is why I highly recommend Big Al's Roofing to anyone needing any kind of Roof Job!”

“Dealing with contractors can be a difficult, and on the list of contractors, roofers must be right up there with the most unreliable, most difficult to work with... When asking for roofers it seemed that every recommendation came with some caveat. “They are good, but...” Thankfully for me I found Big Al’s Roofing. Dealing with them could not have been easier. Their prices were fair, quality of work was great and I never had to chase them. Bottom line...they did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. And as simple as that sounds, I find it’s a rare trait these days among contractors. If you are looking for a reliable, fair priced roofer that stands behind what they say I would recommend Big Al’s. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.”

12/05/2020 - Jonathan Giner

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